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Crazy Crow will be opening with Ukulele Russ


Ukulele Russ to Perform and Teach at Crazy Crow Productions in Seldovia, Alaska

Ukulele Russ to Perform and Teach at Crazy Crow Productions in Seldovia,  Alaska

Alaska’s Ukulele Wild Man

Unconventional Ukulele for Unconventional People

Songs you love. Songs you hate. Songs you love to Hate.
Alaska’s Guitar Alternative and ukulele wild man, Ukulele Russ. One man adrift in the guitarist’s jungle. Hailing from the edge of civilization in interior Alaska, Russ has carved out his niche and finally has proven to the masses that the ukulele is stringed testosterone in the hands of the right man.
Alaska—the Final Frontier. Alaska has captured imaginations ever since Thomas Jefferson purchased it from the French for two cases of whiskey and a buckskin pouch of glass beads. And now, with the birth of the interwebs and the dawn of the reality TV age upon us, people once again turn their eyes northward. They are enthralled with Alaska, but is what they see really reality?

A native son of N… See More
Band Interests
Social commentary, catchy hooks, and funky licks.
Artists We Also Like
Frank Zappa, Sweating Honey, Blind Melon, Gristlestick, Roy Smeck, Merrill J. Miller


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