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Kray Van Kirk August 9


Kray Van Kirk is an Alaskan singer-songwriter, delivering performances that the Borderline Folk Club in New York called “…what every singer-songwriter should aspire to.” His most recent tour was through Ireland and Great Britain, and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where many shows receive only a handful of audience members due to the sheer volume of available performances, his room was sold out, leaving some folks sitting on the stairs and a Fringe reviewer to write that Van Kirk “…was not the reason I arrived early, but certainly why I stayed late”.

Living without road access in Alaska might not seem the best way to be a touring musician, but that’s where he makes his home with his daughter, one cat, and far too many books to fit into one room (along with the occasional bear sitting in the front seat of his car). As a single parent, he came up with a novel solution to needing a flexible schedule that would allow him to tour: he went back to school and completed a PhD in fisheries population dynamics, playing shows when he traveled for academic conferences and between working on chapters of his dissertation.

His approach to writing and performing music is somewhat unique – he no longer sells CD or charges money for his songs; everything is freely available from his website. He supports his touring through proceeds from live shows only, and encourages everyone to duplicate and freely share his songs. When not touring, he is busy being a Dad and working as a fisheries researcher. All of his songs wait patiently on his website, ready to waddle their way across the world, leaving no footprints in the snow.“Music without borders or cost” is the foundation of singer-songwriter Kray Van Kirk’s approach to writing and performing music. He no longer sells CDs – we already have too much stuff. He also does not charge for his songs, and instead freely gives them away over his website as a deliberate movement away from the bottom line that seems to govern so much of our daily lives. When he is not touring, he spends his time at home in Alaska, being a parent and finishing his PhD. All of his songs wait patiently on his website, ready to waddle their way across the world, leaving no footprints in the snow

Kray Van Kirk August 9. What an amazing show it was.  Thank you Kray!kray5 kray 6

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